Remembering my best London trip ever

Jag är en väldigt ospontan person, en av de saker jag tycker är tråkigast med mig själv men aldrig skulle döma någon annan för. Förstår ju det för väl. Men en gång var jag så spontan en kan bli: sade upp mig från jobbet jag hatade och bokade en biljett till London. Vi kör en nyversion av inlägget jag skrev om denna resa på min gamla blogg. Varsågod, London i ett strålande maj.

I'm a very un-spontaneous person, one of the most boring things about myself but what I'd never judge anyone else about. I understand it too well. But once I was as spontaneous as one can be: I quit the job I hated and booked a ticket to London. Today's a new version of the post I wrote about this trip on my old blog. Here you go, London in a glowing May.

Landed at Stansted, took the Easybus to Old Street, got lost in the massive stairwell of my (mum's) cousin Wes's building. Hugged him and Cho, dropped off my bag, put on some new deodorant and headed out in the busy streets of London. We walked to Broadway Market, bought food from the stands and just flopped down on the grass in London Fields. After sweating ourselves silly in the crazy spring sun, we walked back to the flat where Joel and Paul had prepared sangria on the rooftop (yes, it's true). We were joined by their friends, hung out and then went out that night.

The whole long weekend was like a dream. Shoreditch Grind was just round the corner where we bought morning coffee then I strolled around the city by myself, visited Wes at work, met my old friend Joe (from when I had friends in Rugby), met up with Malin 'cause she was living there at the time and had fab drinks at the Night Owl, ate amazing food, cooked, wrote lists of things when drinking coffee in hipster cafés and just enjoyed feeling like I was in control. In control of myself, my life, my dreams, my decisions. Quitting was the most liberating and right thing for me to do at that point and god, I'm still so thankful that I followed my gut.

I know traveling to London on my own won't happen any time soon, but at least spring is near. So is my cousin's wedding in Rugby, then I fill up on Englishness. And maybe Dublin will be happening for me this autumn.