A leap into 2017

2017, you bring hope for better, happier and kinder times. Although the start of a new year doesn't bring the same feeling of a new start as Autumn does for me, it'll be nice to start with a clean slate. Kind of.

Tonight Daniel and I are heading to Gothenburg to celebrate the eve with a bunch of people, both some we know and a few we don't know at all. Our contributions to the foody buffé are made and we've really got nothing more planned than to get ready and drive down. I wish I could go to the gym but a sore throat and a bit of a cough has been with me for three days now, so a chilled out day is the plan.

I wish you all the best of celebrations tonight and every day that follows. Hoping that 2017 is going to kick ass!

Also, on the celebratory note - this little chap turns one year old today. Congratulations lovely little Charlie!